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The Emotionally Intelligent Trainer

Author: PTA Global | Posted 18 Jan 2017

By Geoff Carter

Emotions are integral to everything we do – for every situation we encounter there will be an emotional response. Emotions are complex and they result in verbal, physiological, psychological and, ultimately,  behavioural responses. Emotion is often the driving force behind motivation, positive or negative, and for ...

The Lessons My Training Clients Have Taught Me

Author: PTA Global | Posted 11 Jan 2017

By Deborah Savin el

It's tempting to assume that the moment we become certified PTs we’ve learnt all we need to deliver the best training programs for our clients.  More tempting still is the belief that, armed with our newly acquired expertise, we have much to teach our clients ...

Stretching Myths vs. Science: What You Need to Know

Author: PTA Global | Posted 04 Jan 2017

stretching 1 By Meredith Butulis

The Internet, magazines, and media are brewing with new developments and ideas in flexibility training. What’s new? What’s old? What should you consider before designing your next stretching program?

Let’s look at how the trends hold up to science, and then empower you with the rationale to ...

Fitness Professionals: We Are Our Own Business Cards

Author: PTA Global | Posted 21 Dec 2016

Delaney with client 1By Catherine Delaney

A few months ago, I was standing at the training desk preparing for my next client at the health club that I work at. I had just finished my workout, taken a quick shower, donned my uniform and downed a shake when a young woman approached the ...

Working with Your Hardest Client: Yourself

Author: PTA Global | Posted 21 Dec 2016

pinna lifting weightBy Chaz Pinna

Every trainer has that one client who always cancels sessions, has excuses for cutting workouts short, or gives limited effort in the gym.

Well, in my case, that hardest client happens to be me.

To paint a good picture of my environment, I have worked at a corporate chain ...

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