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Our Aging Ocular System: Exercises to Keep the Eyes Healthy

Author: PTA Global | Posted 23 Mar 2017

by Elizabeth Tretina

Presbyopia (aging vision) affects many people over the age of 40. People who have developed presbyopia find they need to hold books, magazines and other reading materials at arm’s length in order to focus properly.

Symptoms of Age-related Presbyopia

  1. A gradual thickening and loss of ...

The Obsession with the Before and After

Author: PTA Global | Posted 15 Mar 2017

By Natalie Carey

I have a secret obsession.

I’m a personal trainer that loves looking at before and after photos.

I love seeing a physical transformation of others who have worked hard to get where they are, even though I sometimes question whether we are publicly shaming the before picture or just ...

Fitness Assessment: What Is Possible, Practical, and Appropriate

Author: PTA Global | Posted 08 Mar 2017

By Deborah Savin

Exercise scientists have created and validated numerous tools and protocols for assessing various aspects of fitness. But what can happen in a lab is very different from what is possible and practical in the training facilities where most fit pros operate.

My objective is not to describe and ...

Developing A Specialty Niche in Corrective Exercise

Author: PTA Global | Posted 06 Mar 2017

man on foam rollerBy Justin Price 

In the medical world, family doctors and general practitioners consistently refer their patients to specialists when looking for help with specific health-related issues.

Referrals are made to cardiologists for people with heart problems, nutritionists for dietary concerns, neurologists for brain/nerve issues, psychiatrists for mental/behavioral matters, etc. Each ...

Kinesiophobia: The Fear of Moving

Author: PTA Global | Posted 01 Mar 2017

By Pierre Viret

For a version of this post in French, click here.

We all know about pain.

And we have all felt fear during our lifetime.

Sometimes, this fear may systematically resurface when the same situation recurs. This fear then takes on a new meaning: what we call a phobia. What is ...

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