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Leverage Your Fitness Clients’ Excuses to Accelerate Their Results

Author: PTA Global | Posted 22 Feb 2017

man looking at his watchBy Priscilla Flynn

Most of us enter the fitness industry believing our job will be to sculpt bodies and push clients to their limits. The reality is that our general population of clients is struggling with basic function and health and there is a desperate need to coach the human ...

The 3 Most Important Questions for a Coach to Have in Their Back Pocket

Author: PTA Global | Posted 17 Feb 2017

Trainer talking to cliet over a paperBy Hayley Hollander

As fitness coaches, we’ve all been in the situation where a client begins talking about things or behaviors that they may be unaware, or unconsciously aware, are limiting them to achieving their desired outcome and direction to their goal.

This sense of cognitive dissonance is enough to make ...

Using Social Media to Benefit Your Fitness Business

Author: PTA Global | Posted 10 Feb 2017

cell phone displaying facebookBy Emily Sopo

As my fellow PTA Global Ambassador, Catherine Delaney, so aptly said of fitness professionals in a recent blog post - we are our own business cards.

I argue that if that's the case, then our social media accounts are like over-sized billboards that people just can't help but ...

Getting Fitness Clients to Achieve Results and Stay Committed

Author: PTA Global | Posted 08 Feb 2017

man runningBy Israel Allen

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it felt like you were having the same conversations with someone, over and over, but they just didn’t seem to get it?

Perhaps it was discussing how to stick to an exercise or meal plan with a client, yet ...

Book Review: Brian Grasso’s Mindset Matters Most

Author: PTA Global | Posted 06 Feb 2017

Picture of Mindset Matters Most bookBy Priscilla Flynn

A healthy mindset is a hot topic in the health industry, especially when it comes to creating success and happiness. Many of us are familiar with the notions of motivation, goal setting or positive thinking, but despite knowledge of these concepts, happiness and success can remain illusive.

Often, ...

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