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Trainers: Help Your Beginner Clients Navigate the Fitness Jungle

Author: PTA Global | Posted 25 Oct 2019

Welcome to the Jungle

Imagine you’re on a guided trip to a beautiful and lush forest area. You arrive in a jeep and have been comfortable thus far, but as soon as you step out, you realize the terrain is very rocky and unsteady.

You look out further and see large, ...

The Right Exercise for the Right Client: Implementing TRX’s Rip Trainer into Behavior-Based Personal Training Programs

Author: PTA Global | Posted 23 Jul 2019

By Susane Pata 

When it comes to picking the exercise that’s right for your clients, you might naturally be considering their goal, their experience level, and choosing one that addresses muscle imbalances, right?  These are all important considerations, yet what about choosing exercises to match your client’s personality ...

Can Wearable Technology Be Your Ultimate Trainer?

Author: PTA Global | Posted 17 May 2019

How many of your clients are wearing some brand of wearable technology?

According to some recent statistics, over 102 million devices were sold in 2016. This is estimated to increase each year by 15-20%. Due to this increase in sales and usage by consumers, there is a high likelihood that ...

4 Tips to Help Your Clients Reduce Their Risk of Falls!

Author: PTA Global | Posted 19 Apr 2019

By Christian Thompson

No matter how fit and healthy your older clients are, there is one thing that can change their lives forever: a bad fall.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 1/3 of older adults fall every year and many cause injuries that will ...

4 Recovery Session Techniques that Save Your Clients

Author: PTA Global | Posted 04 Apr 2019

By Raphael Konforti

Picture this for a moment. It’s 5:30 p.m., and you still haven’t been able to confirm your 6:00 p.m. client, Mary. She’s been with you a couple of months now and hasn’t missed a session to date, so you’re not too worried. Still, she hasn’t texted you ...

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