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Being a Fitness Leader During the COVID Pandemic

Author: PTA Global | Posted 17 Sep 2020





By Logan Dube

Why are you here?

I’m going to guess that you got into fitness because you are passionate about it and you love helping people. Whether you were an athlete in your youth, or had your own fitness mentor who helped you lose weight, gain ...

Maintaining Fitness Clients' New Years Resolutions

Author: PTA Global | Posted 02 Mar 2020

By Percy Reynolds

With each New Year, more and more Americans plan to adopt a healthier lifestyle. They are willing to put forth the efforts to make a change and it sounds like a great start to the new year.  However, many people fall away from their resolutions. What ...

The Importance of Business Education in Personal Training and How to Get It

Author: PTA Global | Posted 14 Feb 2020

By Raphael Konforti

You broke into the fitness industry because you have a passion for fitness. Trainers love to workout and love helping people reach their goals, so becoming a personal trainer often seems like a no-brainer. In your head you probably pictured yourself training clients all day, giving high ...

Enjoyment in Training Drives Program Adherence

Author: PTA Global | Posted 07 Feb 2020

woman on ground stretching in white shirt and orange leggings

By Percy Reynolds

Without a doubt, the discussion of the benefits of regular exercise for health, not only physical but psychological well-being, are a hot topic. Nevertheless, there is still a disconnect in what drives people to begin and sustain active exercise programs. In recent years, several research studies have ...

Why Being a Personal Trainer Is About So Much More than Exercise Science

Author: PTA Global | Posted 31 Dec 2019

woman exercising on pull up straps with man in green shirt kneeling on her left

By Raphael Konforti

You’re waiting for your client to show up, you’re eager to start the session. You’ve got the perfect exercise plan. Every exercise carefully selected. Rest periods formulated for precision energy system development. Specific stretches and foam rolling to address their movement compensations. Time under tension and rest ...

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