By Khaled Elmasri

Marketing, in its traditional form, is having less and less of an impact in the digital marketing world of today. Take a quick peek at the photo above. These statistics corroborate the fact that digital marketing has substantial influence over today’s clients and consumers and will continue to do so in the future. There are 2 billion people frequenting Facebook alone. It’s safe to say as a fitness coach/ trainer that understanding how to use various digital media platforms will be crucial to your business growth.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of digital marketing, let’s set your intent and purpose. Whether you own a commercial facility or an online business, you should be aiming to:

  1. Build up your expert authority, also known as the “Know. Like. Trust.” factor

  2. Capture leads or contact information

  3. Make sales or generate new clients

Many fitness professionals tend to skip ahead and jump right to #3, attempting to push the sale right away. Steps 1 and 2 need to come before jumping to step 3. While digital marketing strategies can become rather complicated, I’ve broken down the 3 things that are tailored towards gaining clients in today’s digital marketing world.

1) Use Social Media to Become the Expert Authority.

Focus on using social media platforms to position yourself as the go-to person in your niche. The goal here is not to sell your product or service straight from your social media profile. Instead, the focus centers around becoming the expert among your friends and those seeking the knowledge you are intent upon sharing.

2) Share a Tip of the Day

This is one of my favorite strategies to utilize. It is also one of the simplest tactics yet has been known to have the most impact. There is no need to decide now what you are going to say. Your audience, the groups you might be involved in, and the public conversations you overhear, can all provide the content for you to post about daily. Simply create a weekly posting calendar for yourself. Label each day with a specific topic and tip to go along with it. For example, Monday could be labeled “Motivation Monday”. Friday, you could engage in a Facebook Live Q/A (question/answering) session. Be creative here but make whatever it is you are sharing relatable to your audience. It must also be impactful enough to inspire the readers to share your post with others.

3) Create Catchy Posts

If you write posts that are catchy and engaging, your audience will continue to grow. With an increasing audience, you will have very little difficulty acquiring new clients, while also creating additional sources of income. Simply just posting for the sake of posting will not accomplish this. However, creating posts that are entertaining, inspiring, and educational will. Given our human nature, we know that the use of emotions, stories, and social proof are all things that help ideas catch on. So, ultimately, people will share your post if it in some way causes them to believe that their lives or the lives of others will be positively impacted by it. People are looking for content that is relevant, insightful, educational, and effective. By sharing this type of content with the right audience, enough people will see it, embrace it, and share it themselves.

Khaled Elmasri Khaled Elmasri, Founder, and CEO of Rise Elite and host of the RISE Fitness Business Conference.

He spent over 12 years in corporate America as a Fitness Manager, Regional Fitness Manager, running all aspects of a personal training dept. for companies such as 24 Hour Fitness, The Bay Club, Life Time Fitness and many others.

Khaled has advised, built many fitness training departments and lead hundreds of personal trainers that have generated millions of dollars in revenue over the past 12 years.