Mindset Performance Credential Level 1

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The motivational gurus and success experts aren't wrong.  The dream you carry for your life is the fuel, and your action, the vehicle, but your mindset is the handbrake.  If it's locked, you go nowhere.  When it's released, you'll go anywhere you want.

Rather than expending all your efforts on creating goals to pursue, or bathing in rhetoric designed to make you pursue them faster, learn to spend time truly embracing that your life is just a story, and you get to not just write it, but live it.

Join Dr. Brian Grasso, Dr. Mike T. Nelson and Carrie Campbell L.C., as they take you on a journey to better understanding your free nature and how to identify and overcome the ties that create your bound nature.  You'll come away with the sciences and tools to help not only yourself, but your clients, become the best version of themselves.

You'll receive

  • 10 CECs from PTA Global
  • Video: 10 hours of online Audio and Power Point
  • Downloadable PTA Global forms for interviewing and program design
  • Text: downloadable PDF documents for each section
  • Program Design Tool (PDT): access to hundreds of pre-made programs for all goals, styles, and levels of clients
  • Unlimited and permanent access to online course
  • Online access to the final exam
    • 40-question, multiple-choice final exam with unlimited attempts and no time limit.

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